How I Stay Out of Single Parent Drama

While we mostly strive for peace and happiness, drama always comes along and turns things around. In fact, it can lead to anxiety for days or even weeks.

Drama ruins relationships and causes stress; therefore, it is an unproductive habit that makes our lives dull and draws us to negativity. Unfortunately, things can escalate if we are single parents because we will likely spend the first few years – after your fallout – in a drama fest.

This is how I stay out of single parent drama:

I walk out of unhealthy relationships

Start by eliminating dramatic people in your life.

Take a keen look at the people causing stress and discomfort in your life and stop associating with them. If you find yourself unable to terminate the relationship, reduce the time that you spend with them.

People that need the most avoiding are drama queens. They tend to be drama-prone and will often cause discomfort. As a single parent, stay away from ex-lovers who are prone to drama.

Eliminating such people will reduce the unhappiness that often results from unhealthy relationships.

I avoid gossiping

You need to be as honest as possible. When you have an issue with someone, square it with him or her and do not involve outsiders. Gossip provides an excellent breeding ground for drama, especially when you discuss the problem with the wrong people.

Find the courage to say what you mean so it can save you heartaches. You also need to let other people know that they can be honest with you. If they are comfortable around you, it will be easier for them to confront you whenever there is an issue.

I become the bigger person

The golden rule is that you cannot fight fire with fire, especially when trying to eliminate unnecessary drama from your life.

You have to be the bigger person, and you have to let things go. Arguing about an issue may only escalate it rather than solve it. You do not need to have the last word in an argument.

I get out of my own drama

Acknowledge your responsibility in a dramatic encounter. You may discover that you are responsible for the shortcomings in your relationship.

Investigate yourself and ask how you can make changes. Seek other people’s advice on your behavior and make necessary adjustments.

You are always going to get what you put out.

I prevent Lice

Occasionally, lice may creep into your household and may cause havoc: itching, and vulnerability to secondary infections.

All these can paralyze your daily operations. For example, you may find it uncomfortable going to work or your kid may be unable to attend school.

You need to prevent lice in advance or else they will add drama to your life. Head lice are contagious, and if one person has it, it is bound to spread.

Down here in Riverside we prevent lice by checking your hair and your kid’s hair regularly. Also, ensure that your household is clean at all times.


Yes, single parenthood can come with tons of drama, but there is always a way around the drama. Adopt these methods and live drama-free.

Drama sucks.