How My Grandma Taught Me Morals Through Cooking

When you spend time with your children, it gives them a sense of your personality and beliefs. It is easy for the children to see how you feel about certain things and you can use this time to give life lessons to your kids. My grandma taught me many a life lesson, most of which was learned while cooking. She could show me how to make a lovely recipe and teach me how to be a better person at the same time, a wonderful skill to have.

It seems that cooking frees the soul and allows those involved to speak openly. I talked to my grandma about a number of things while we baked, which helped me to learn her opinions and feelings on a variety of subjects. I took the memories of our cooking and talks with me through the years and now hope I can do the same with my children.

It seems that talking while baking is easy. You can start by gathering your ingredients and getting ready to prepare the meal. Ease the conversation with asking how the child is doing. My grandma was always interested in what I had going on, so I would discuss school with her. This allowed me to open up when something was bothering me and she would help. She instilled her morals of kindness and thoughtfulness as she guided me through situations when I needed advice.

I now plan to do the same with my own children. I want my kids to feel comfortable talking to me so we have started at an early age. By preparing lunch or dinner together, I can talk to my kids about their day. Starting good habits such as this will allow me to delve deeper into my children’s lives as they age. I strive to be patient and kind as we work, allowing my children to see how I help them and hope that they learn from our cooking time together.
You can easily show your values and morals through cooking. Tell stories from your childhood or even talk about issues with the family presently to discuss topics with your child that you might not have been able bring up otherwise. You can use cooking as a gathering method for your family to come together and simply talk.

What values matter to you? What do you want to instill in your children? Consider what you want to teach your children and then act accordingly. Think of ways to speak during cooking and preparing the meal that will be of benefit to your child. Some topics can be hard to speak about, especially as your child ages. The teen years can be tough but if you have created a habit of cooking and speaking together, your child will hopefully still be open enough to discussing topics with you and taking in what you discuss. Simply take time with your children, talking and laughing, with mealtime being the best opportunity for discussion and family time to take place.