How The West Coast Drought Can Affect Our Local Grocery Store

When you live on the West Coast, you know that a drought can affect many areas of life. You may be asked to use less water for daily activities to help with the water shortage. The drought can also affect the local grocery store. Many individuals do not realize the overall impact that a drought can have on the local community.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
As a drought begins, many areas are affected. The most noticeable can be fresh vegetables and fruits. Without water, these items will not be able to grow properly. This means that your local grocery store may be without fruits and vegetables that you commonly see. Shelves may be bare or not as bountiful as they have been in the past due to the water shortage.

When the drought occurs, the less water means that the farms and orchards are not able to adequately water the fruits and vegetables. Some facilities have options in place in case of a drought but the local grocery stores are still impacted. Fruits and vegetables may be late to arrive or may be smaller in order size.

Food Prices
While a grocery store may commonly offer an abundance of fruits and veggies, a drought can mean this number may be significant. You may find the grocery store does not carry the items you wish to enjoy. Food prices can also be affected in some areas as the price goes up for the items. The less of an item, the higher the cost so to speak. This will affect how much you spend on your groceries unless you avoid purchasing an item altogether.

Water Cut In Stores
One must also consider that a grocery store needs to keep produce fresh. This is done with watering systems. Remember walking through a store and noticing small sprinkler systems or employees watering produce? This must be done but with a drought, water usage is cut, which can affect the stores providing water for produce survival.

The same can also be said for flowers or plants of a grocery store. Some stores offer fresh herbs while others also provide bouquets of flowers. A water shortage means less water can be allocated for these items as well.

A drought along the West Coast is continuing to be an issue. Individuals in several industries, including the grocery industry, are having to come up with alternatives or work through various issues in regards to water and their business.