How to Get Your Kids to Eat Their Vegetables

Every parent expects their children to avoid eating vegetables but parents know that vegetables are important. Children need the nutrients that come with vegetables to have healthy bodies and continue to grow. As a mom myself, I have learned a few tricks to help get children to eat veggies. Below are a few of my favorite ways to feed my children vegetables.

Start Early
The best way to start your child on the path of eating vegetables is to start early. As soon as your child begins to eat solid food, you need to introduce a variety of vegetables. As they age, begin to introduce the veggies with dips or other fun ways to get your child to eat what will help them stay healthy. Your child will be more open if they begin to eat vegetables at an early age.

Make it Fun
Make eating vegetables fun by letting your child help in preparation. You can take colorful vegetables and create fun faces or games as you dine. This will let your child be excited about eating the vegetables. You can also get your child to go shopping with you and allow them to pick their vegetables. Let the child see what options are available, even trying something new or exotic to branch out their tastes. Think about having a themed night, such as Mexican or Asian food, trying new vegetables along the way to keep tasting vegetables interesting.

Hide Them
One way that many moms add vegetables to their children’s diet is to hide them. You can puree certain vegetables such as carrots or zucchini and then add the veggies into meat or sauce. This way, your child gets the nutrients they need without any fussing and fighting. Be creative in the ways you hide the vegetables and of course, keep it a secret! Be sure to add the veggies in small doses at first so that your child will not suspect that you have added in the healthy options.

As the parent, you know your child best. By starting early with vegetables, you can have less of a fight as they age and their tastes will be open to trying new things. But remember, some children are just picky. Take what you can get, if your child will eat only a few vegetables. Your child will be getting what they need, even if it is only just a few choice vegetables.