The “Healthiest” Fast Food Options

When one thinks of fast food, healthy is not the first word to come to mind. Fast food is usually greasy and fattening items that could cause you to gain weight and be very unhealthy if that is all you consume. Thankfully, there are some healthy fast food options to allow you to dine out conveniently without choosing an item that would affect your diet. Below are a few options you can try when dining out and trying to be healthy.

Salad Options
Nowadays, most fast food restaurants offer some type of salad. Be it a simple side salad or extravagant salad with a unique name and fixings, there are options for you. However, do your research. Some salads, such as a Caesar salad, can be high in calories. I always opt for the side salad, sometimes ordering two, and then asking for my favorite dressing to enjoy a salad without eating too many calories and fatty foods.

Baked not Fried
Having items that are baked and not fried will help you to stay fit but you may find that most restaurants do not offered such options. Choose grilled chicken whenever possible, such as the nuggets or sandwich offered at Chick Fil A, to be able to lower the calorie count when dining out. Even look for healthy menus at the restaurant to save on calories or fat. Many restaurants are offering this information on the menu to help you make a better decision.

Lean Meat
Lean meats are always the best option when trying to eat healthy. Choose chicken or fish whenever you can to save on calories as well as to eat a leaner option. Even sandwich shops such as Subway and Lenny’s are great options as you can choose a tortilla or flatbread, loaded with lean meats and veggies, with very little calories to affect your diet.

Overall, you must consider that fast food restaurants are not going to offer the healthiest of food choices. Do your research. Look at the restaurant options you have in your area and find out what they serve that you can have. The diet you are trying to abide by will help you to determine which restaurants are a good choice when traveling or choosing to dine out. Once you know what you can eat and where you can go, choosing an option for lunch or dinner is much easier, allowing you to not make the mistake of eating a totally unhealthy item.