Top Unhealthy Frozen Foods

Eating healthy can be hard in today’s society. So much of our food is processed and easy to cook, allowing us to eat something tasty quickly. But these tasty treats may not always be the healthy option. Many moms and dads serve their family frozen foods that have quickly become staples in the home due to the ease of cooking and great taste. But what if you could enjoy the same great taste but a healthier option? Below are a few of the most unhealthy frozen foods and alternatives for your family to live a healthier lifestyle.

Frozen Pizza
Frozen pizza is a favorite for any family. The meal is easy to prepare and tastes great. But the meal is also loaded in calories and fat. Why not have the items needed to make pizza in the home that is a healthier option? By having pizza sauce, shredded cheese and pepperoni, you can easily make your own pizza. Using dough can be time consuming, so why not use a tortilla or pita bread to create your own mini pizza? There are alternatives that are just as quick as frozen pizza and taste just as great, but healthier!

Chicken Nuggets
This is a biggie. Most families have a bag of frozen chicken nuggets in some form or fashion in the freezer. These nuggets are then cooked in the oven or deep fryer. When deep frying, you are only adding to the calories already involved in the meal. Why not offer a healthier alternative? You can grill chicken and keep it on hand as bite size pieces or create your own breaded nuggets to bake in the oven for a lower calorie meal. You can also substitute chicken nuggets for deli meats or grilled chicken strips already prepared to eat healthier and take in fewer calories during your meal.

Quick-Fix Meals
Quick-fix meals such as frozen dinners seem like a great idea but most are just loaded with fat and calories. Of course there are alternatives such as Lean Cuisine and Weight Watchers that are lower in calories and offer nutrients that you need, but frozen is frozen. Try to think of ways to have your favorite meals in un-frozen form. Using fresh ingredients is much better than processed for health reasons.

Simply take a look at your eating habits and decide what can be done for you to live a healthier lifestyle. Take away frozen foods and substitute with fresh options to feel good about the way you eat.